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23 November 2022 - 24 November 2022
GREEN 2022

A first preliminary agenda of CONAMA Innova can be found here

Please, be aware that the conferences will be in spanish

Monday, November 21st

Entrepreneurs. Lessons learned (CI-7)
[M, 12:00-14:00] Conama Innova Room

12:00 – 12:30. Presentation. CDTI Entrepreneurship support programs  
Mª José Tomás, Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industria (CDTI).

12:30 – 14:30 Entrepreneurs Dialogue. Lessons learned.


  • Paula Baldó, Manager and Technical Director, Envirall
  • Miguel Varela, CEO & Co-founder, Teimas
  • Alejandro Maceira, Director, iAgua

Moderator: Santiago Molina, General Director, Instituto Superior del Medio Ambiente

Organizing entity:: Instituto Superior del Medio Ambiente (ISM)


Culture and Sustainability: Publishers Meeting (CI-8)
[M, 16:00-19:00] Conama Innova Room

Organizing entity: Unión Profesional


Tuesday, November 22nd

Sustainable Urban Development in Europe: programs, financing and good practices (CI-1)

[T, 09:00-11:30] Conama Innova Room

Presentation of the new MFP 2021-2027 in Spain, the URBACT program, its method for integrated urban planning, its networks of cities and the new call for funding to be launched in January 2023.

In addition, other financing options for projects related to sustainable urban development and transformation of cities will be presented at this event.

09:00-09:15 Welcome and presentation. Paisaje Transversal.

09:15-09:30 New MFP 2021-2027 en España. SG. Desarrollo Urbano. Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública.*

09:30-10:00 Present and Future of the URBACT program. Jon Aguirre Such, Coordinator, Punto Nacional URBACT España.

10:00-10:15 Innovation in cities. Luisa Revilla, Misión Ciudades, Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI).

10:15-11:30 Round table with URBACT cities.

Organizing entity: Paisaje Transversal


Conama Innova: Innovation project for local sustainability (CI-2)

[T, 12:00-14:30] Conama Innova Room

12:00-14:30 Project exhibition

  • Local policies and community processes for a just energy transition in Manzanares el Real. Paula Jiménez Argumosa, Traza Territorio.
  • ReSET project. Belén Cerrada Pérez, Environmental consultant, ICATALIST.
  • Open Tenders for social and technological innovations: Opportunities for innovation in climate resilience. Gloria Salmoral Portillo, Senior Researcher, Asociación Brigaid Connect.
  • Air quality monitoring at the Cemex plant in Monterrey. Edurne Ibarrola Ulzarrun, Scientific Director. Kunak.
  • Life Garachico Project. Representative. Gobierno de Canarias.
  • Cooperation Forum of Public Administrations for the SBN implementation promoted by INDNATUR. Alberto López Casillas, Técnico de Proyectos Europeos, Diputación Ávila.

Organizing entity: Fundación Conama


Practical Workshop about European Taxonomy and DNSH (TF-1)

[T, 16:00-19:00] Conama Innova Room

The "Do No Significant Harm" (DNSH) principle ensures that none of the EU's environmental objectives are adversely affected by a project or activity. The completion of DNSH self-assessment reports is a requirement to obtain funding from Next Generation Funds or any public entity.

This activity will provide the keys to write these reports in order to fulfill the expectations of the validators and the administration and get access to grants and subsidies, taking as a reference the CDTI’s case.

16:00-16:10 Introduction and presentation of the speakers.

16:10-16:20 Sustainable Finance Plan: Origin of the Taxonomy and the DNSH.

16:20-16:30 Proceso de validación When does the DNSH principle apply? Responsible statements and self-assessment reports. Validation process.

16:30-16:45 How to write a DNSH self-assessment report. Models, tools and recommendations

16:45-17:15 The CDTI case: DNSH requirements for innovation grants.

17:15-17:30 Questions and closing.

Organizing entity: CDTI and OCA Global


Wednesday, November 23rd

Programs to support entrepreneurship and green employment (CI-3)

[W, 09:00-11:30] Conama Innova Room

Organizing entity: Fundación Biodiversidad


Conama Innova: Innovation project for territorial sustainability (CI-4)

[W, 12:00-14:30] Conama Innova Room


Projects exhibition

  • Ecological concrete integration in ports and coastal construction in Spain to promote biodiversity. Paolo Tedone, Business Development Director, ECOncrete. Paolo Tedone, Business Development Director, ECOncrete.
  • Marine litter: AIMPLAS innovation projects. Sonia Albein, Lead Researcher of Mechanical Recycling. AIMPLAS.
  • Life Soria ForestAdapt. Beatriz Oliver, Fundación Global Nature; Elvira Carles, Fundación Privada Empresa y Clima; Beatriz Oliver, Fundación Privada Empresa y Clima.
  • Youth in action, rural and international activism. Carmen Santos Santos, Plataforma Valle del Tiétar en Transición.
  • The creation of Lake Meirama in the valley of As Encobras. Nieves Cifuentes Valero, Corporate Environmental Manager, Naturgy.
  • Sustainability and demographic challenge in Paradores territories. RepresentativeFundación Global Nature.
  • Moderator: Standardization and indicators for green infrastructure. Representative Ecoacsa.*

Organizing entity:  Fundación Conama


Horizon Europe Workshop (TF-2)

[W, 16:00-19:00] Conama Innova Room


  • Lydia González, Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)

Organizing entity: CDTI


Thursday, November 24th

Programs and calls for innovation CDTI. (CI-5)
[TH, 09:00-11:30] Conama Innova Room 

  • Óscar Fernández, Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)
  • Mª José Tomás, Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)

Organizing entity: CDTI


Conama Innova: Innovation project for a circular industry (CI-6)

[TH, 12:00-14:30] Conama Innova Room


Project exhibition

  • AECON Engage plan. Jaime Cabrera Moreno. AECOM.
  • RAP as a competitive advantage. Representative, HEURA.
  • Depolymerization. Santiago Llopis, Chemical Recycling researcher, AIMPLAS.
  • RODDI project: how to take advantage of waste streams from oil and fat refining. Olga Gómez de Miranda. Olga Gómez de Miranda, Fundación Tecnalia R&I
  • BATRAW: Recovery of critical raw materials from electric vehicle batteries. Evaristo García García, Área empresas adheridas, Recyclia
  • Pilot Project. Representative. Representante, Nespresso.
  • Moderator: César Rubio Pradas, Localcir project, Federación de Municipios y Provincias de Extremadura.

Organizing entity: Fundación Conama


Align and Transparent Project Workshop (TF-3)

[TH, 16:00-19:00] Conama Innova Room

Organizing entity: ECOACSA

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